Introduce a young person to the Home Tour

“Our flooring was stuck in Ohio in the polar vortex” “We had to stop to deal with ice dams” “My apprentice quit." “I’m retired, being really selective about jobs.”

All of these quotes represent behind-the-scenes factors heard in organizing the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour in 2019, when turnover in the home improvement industry was a hot topic. While no one knows what any industry will look like after weeks or months of stay-at-home orders, the benefits of choosing this as a career are still relevant. 

The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour as always features an array of uniquely stunning finished remodeling projects.  New kitchens that look like they could always have been there, new space, flow issues and roof lines cleaned up. There’s a handful of history – homes by famous early architects, commercial buildings adapted, and derelict homes brought back or in the process.

The tour, true to its original mission of encouraging residents to remodel or find up-size or down-size options in the neighborhoods they love, offers connections to professionals, clever ideas, and first-hand commentary on neighborhood living.

Sustainability, low energy footprint, effective site water management, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are relevant at the cutting edge, coincident with the aging out of a large portion of the now available construction industry.

It’s an exciting and challenging time for much-needed young people to be entering the building field, whether directly, through trade schools, or after a four-year degree. The pay is great, and diligence and brains are rewarded.

Introduce a young person to the home tour, they could renovate your house someday!