Nominations open for future home tours

How long has it been since your neighborhood was represented on the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour? If your answer is “too long,” start thinking of neighbors who might like to help promote the neighborhood. Sources of good candidates include:

 • Homeowners with growing families who decided to stay and remodel rather than moving for more space.

 • People who have home-based businesses or art studios with interesting adaptations for working at home, or commercial space with living quarters in the same structure.

 • Homeowners who acquired foreclosed or estate homes for total renovation

 • LEED Certified, Net-Zero, Passive House, GreenStar, GreenPath, solar installations or geothermal energy

 • Kitchen remodel or bath addition to better use a small space

 • Basement remodel, attic remodel, garage with “cave” or hobby/business space.

 • Mid-century ramblers, split-levels and other more recent infill styles. How have owners dealt with opening them up inside, or adding character to the outside by adding entryways, porches, landscaping.

If you have any question whether your home would be of interest, email Download the application form by clicking on "submit a home" on this website, or ask for a form to be emailed or mailed to you.