West 7th

412 Goodrich Ave.

1856 – Historic John Lewis House
Ranelle Kirchner and Adrian Schramm
We first learned of 412 Goodrich in the summer of 2018. It was still in its dilapidated state – completely unrecognizable from what it had once been, and would, thankfully, become again. We followed the project until we were finally able to submit an offer in the spring of 2020. We moved in the following July. The house truly is something to behold, full of lovingly-restored period details (1856) and superior craftmanship. But it is more than just historic preservation and restoration that makes it special. It is our home. The 880 ft2 space holds everything we need, with multiple garden beds, a shed we built by hand to match the house, four lively chickens, and a pear tree towering over it all out back.It is our quiet little homestead a mile from downtown. We feel very fortunate to have been a part of this project from the beginning, and to call it home today.