112 Leech Street

1950s Re-built 2018-2022
Joe Landsberger and Steve Shimer
112 Leech Street is an Asian-inspired rebuild collaboration of Gary Hittle, architect, Todd Gapinski, contractor, and the homeowners Joe Landsberger and Steve Shimer. Ten years ago Joe bought the “estate” and designed and landscaped its gardens featuring a traditional Japanese gate and moon-viewing pavilion, enclosed with salvaged fencing from the Schmidt Brewery. Home construction began in 2018. The exterior features Shou Sugi Ban, traditional Japanese fire-preserved cypress, and custom balconies that give onto the Mississippi River valley. The interior incorporates reclaimed cast iron, hard woods, and built-in accessibility including three-stop elevator. Ground floor: conservatory-office and gallery; first floor: kitchen, dining/living rooms, and sitting-bed-bath suite; second floor: sitting-bed-bath suite, guest room, tokonoma for art, and storage. FYI www.josfland.com and www.aginggardens.com. Joe will give a talk about developing the garden on Sunday, May 1, 3:30 p.m.