About the MSP Home Tour

Are you curious about visiting the tour, nominating your own home,  nominating a home you worked on, or helping your neighborhood? We have FAQ's for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour is an annual event that brings thousands of home enthusiasts together for a weekend of sharing home remodeling ideas for homes of all vintages. Powered by National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Minnesota, the goal is to present remodeling projects for our community, which now includes the first-ring suburbs. Sponsored by contractors and other businesses and organizations, the Home Tour’s most important partners, of course, are the homeowners who volunteer to open their homes.

The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour is FREE to visitors. The focus is on homeowners sharing their experiences and ideas; even where professionals are present, so are the homeowners. Projects range from large to small and cover a wide range of housing eras, where other tours may show just new, luxury or historic homes. And it’s just one weekend…not to be missed!

Homes are open on the last weekend that contains an April date. In 2022, homes will be open to visitors:

  • Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 1, 2022 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This is a change from recent convention - in the interest of making hours easier to remember. The home tour will take place regardless of weather conditions.

The home tour is a free, self-guided event.

Find a printed guide (a tabloid-newspaper publication), which includes a description of each home and maps showing home locations, at most metro area libraries and at the homes themselves during the tour. Many NARI of MN members with consumer showrooms also display guides for pickup.

Look for Home Tour signs at major intersections directing you to the homes.

In most cases, homeowners greet visitors. Visitors can also speak informally with experts about remodeling and other topics. Visitors go on the tour to get remodeling ideas and learn about neighborhoods.

The tour features a variety of homes in neighborhoods, and starting in 2022, the first-ring suburbs. Homes on the tour are chosen to reflect quality, variety and history of housing and living styles of primarily the 19th and 20th centuries. By popular demand, the focus is on remodeling and expansion of existing, occupied homes…from a single room such as a kitchen or bath, to a multi-story addition or entire home renovation.

Private homeowner homes are not for sale. The Tour encourages real estate professionals with listings nearby tour locations to have their listings open during the tour. The Tour is a great way to ask homeowners about neighborhood flavor.

Printed Guides are available at most metro area libraries and at many showrooms of NARI of MN members. Or get one at the first home you visit, based on what you find on this website.

The home tour is powered by National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Minnesota. The Tour’s many sponsors include the contractors and other businesses and organizations you will encounter on this website and in the homes.

The tour started in the late 1980s as a program of the City of Minneapolis, joined by the City of St. Paul a year later. The Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), created in 1990 to revitalize the neighborhoods of Minneapolis and make them better places to live, work, learn and play became a major sponsor of the Home Tour in 1992 and provided funding and staff support.

Neighborhood organizations used their NRP monies for various programs to help renovate homes and complete other community improvement projects, and the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour served as a showcase for these projects and the neighborhoods. It was natural for NRP to take over leading the tour from 2003 to 2011, evolving it from being supported mostly by governments and non-profit agencies, to a Minneapolis and Saint Paul public/private partnership focused on showcasing homeowners and neighborhoods.

As NRP ended its operations as a multi-jurisdictional partnership and neighborhood revitalization program, it looked for an organization that could continue the Home Tour in the spirit and traditions of the previous 24 years. It selected Pro Media Inc. to perform the coordination function because of the experience, commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm of its owners and staff.

Pro Media, Inc. transferred the tour to National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Minnesota, in 2021.

We're curating a collection of stories. Among the types of projects we are looking for:

Life stage adaptations or construction. Example: Enlarging to accommodate growing families, or making handicapped-accessible. Most homes, even if one room is featured, have at least the main level open to view.

Live/work spaces — home office configurations and artist spaces. Second-story addition and basement or attic finishing have had much interest on recent tours, whether for live/work or just more livable space.

Mid-Century Modern, dressing up 1970s and 80s split-levels, Universal Design, landscaping, and tiny houses, old and new - categories less common, but requested.

Homes within easy walking or driving distance of each other. Visitors and homeowners benefit when homes are clustered.

“Cool factor,” or the draw of the unusual. Examples: Mansion, solar-powered home, architect-designed in an unusual setting or using non-traditional materials.

Remodeling/redecorating/restoring on a budget: Repurposing found objects, artistic and creative solutions done well.

Preservation and blending in: Restoration and preservation true to the era of the home, and remodeling that honors the scale and rhythm of the surrounding neighborhood.

Garages and accessory dwelling units.  Garages with special purposes - living, hobby or work, ADUs in the main structure or free-standing.

LEED, GreenStar, GreenPath and other approaches that spark discussion of environmentally-friendly remodeling.

Homeowners have found the tour to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Many have met neighbors or other home enthusiasts and gained useful ideas as a result of having visited homes on the tour and want to “give back.” By promoting their neighborhoods and cities, owners help strengthen their neighborhoods and attract residents who help build and maintain healthy, vibrant communities. Homeowners who have lived through remodeling appreciate the positive comments offered by visitors. The tour provides a good incentive/deadline for completing projects whether by contractor or homeowner.

This is a tour of Real Homes, Real People, Real Ideas. It’s just as “real” to have concentrated on just one room at a time, as it is to have done the whole house. Typically one entire floor of the home is held open, even if one room such as the kitchen is the focus.

There is no charge for homeowners on the Tour, and homeowners will not receive money for having a home on the Tour. Many participants say it provides the incentive they’ve needed to get projects finished or the house cleaned, or leverage to get a contracted job done on time.

Commercial sponsors, such as the companies who have been involved in the home’s construction/remodeling, often help hold the homes open and they do pay an entry fee to have their companies advertised. 

Those homes not involving professionals (and some that do) rely on family, friends, and neighborhood boosters to help staff the homes during the tour.

The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour’s theme involves homeowners being present as much as possible. We do understand that a parent may need to focus on being with children elsewhere during the tour. Health or other circumstances are considered.

Email msphometour@narimn.org if you have any question whether your home would be a good candidate for the Tour, or to have a hard copy form emailed or mailed to you. The form can be downloaded from the Submit a Home button on this website.

Email msphometour@narimn.org if you have any question whether your home would be a good candidate for the Tour, or to request an application form that can be filled out in Word. Note that there is an entry fee, you will be contacted back with details. (Due after the homeowner has been interviewed and the home accepted.)

2023 Deadline is mid-January. Communication is key if submitting late - email msphometour@narimn.org.

The first deadline for the tour is mid-January of each year. This allows time to meet with the homeowners, organize the tour, line up the sponsorships and coordinate all levels of publicity...as well as for the homeowners and contractors to get ready. After mid-January, homes may be accepted if they help to accomplish geographic distribution, clustering, and other Tour goals, so keep them coming. Generally, after February, submissions would be considered for the next year. We welcome nominations at any time of year.

Email Margo Ashmore at msphometour@narimn.org to receive entry fee and sponsor information, or call 612-867-4874. The tour is professionally organized, managed and promoted; we use the resources we gather wisely. All professionals using the tour as a marketing opportunity pay a reasonable entry fee to have a company’s name mentioned in the promotional materials of this highly-regarded, accessible tour. 

Professionals help homeowners hold the homes open, have their promotional literature and signage at the homes, and gather leads in a no-pressure, informational setting. 

Financial institutions, real estate professionals, development initiatives and other housing-related concerns are also welcome to use this forum as sponsors.

Generally, homeowners are supported by their families, friends, and professionals who worked on their homes. But occasionally, a greeter is needed. Email msphometour@narimn.org if interested.

NARI is the acronym for National Association of the Remodeling Industry. NARI is a national organization dedicated to elevating the remodeling industry. NARI contractors agree to abide by a Code of Ethics and are remodelers you can trust. NARI's Minnesota Chapter is powering the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour.

NARI of Minnesota follows CDC, MDH guidelines, and abides by local municipality and venue policy for Covid response. We care about health and safety and ask you to stay home if you are not feeling well. We also ask people attending indoor group events to be vaccinated, fully recovered from Covid within the last 3 months, negative Covid test, or masked. Individual homes may post other guidance and it may change over time.