Whittier Neighborhood

2021 Harriet Ave.

Built 1907
Linda and Stewart Herman
Our home, Bella Luce, demonstrates how a 107-year-old house can be rebuilt for net zero energy use in three ways: geothermal heating and cooling, solar electricity, and thick insulation. We get hot water fast by circulating it on demand in insulated pipes. We dry our clothes without venting to the outside. Among other sustainable innovations: the “cocoon” method of insulating the foundation without tearing up the flower beds. We refinished maple flooring reclaimed from abandoned houses. We found sheetrock that will absorb and neutralize formaldehyde. We’ve saved space by using pocket doors and recessed ceilings to hide the ducts and wiring. And we have simplified cleaning by hanging toilets with in-wall tanks. Ask to see “Bot” and the skip steps with hidden drawers, and enjoy the lovely results of a long labor.