Payne Phalen

1492 East Shore Dr.

Built 1922
Bill Zajicek & Romi Slowiak
The structure at 1492 East Shore Dr. was built in 1922 as the Weequah Canoe Club. It would be the second house on the east side of the Lake Phalen, built in an undeveloped farm pasture. It would be used as social club/dance/event center until 1940. In 1944 it was converted to a residence. There are still a number of unique features to the house that hark back to its original pedigree as a social club. Most obvious is the 60 foot screened veranda facing Lake Phalen. From the veranda, it’s not hard to imagine the canoes against the shore of Lake Phalen before East Shore Drive existed. We’d also like to share the landscape we’ve created with water retention in mind.